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Blogging with Jay Jones, the songs, stories and more...

Here is the first installment of our blog--the latest addition to the website. Why have a blog? Good question. We wanted to create a space where we could not only give you updates on all the hard work Jay and the guys have been putting in, but also a space where we can take you along on this musical journey and share with you all the ups and downs of making music in the digital age. Take for instance this website, it has been a labor of love and has also caused a great deal of sleepless nights and grey hair--it has also been an amazing learning experience and continues to be one with constant trouble shooting and tweaking. As an example, you may have noticed the lovely rose-hued background that sometimes appears when photos are loading. Turns out there is no easy fix for this (if anyone has some suggestions don't be shy--fire away) apparently this is the "color palette" which was chosen when the web page was in its infancy and if I change it now, well lets just say I will have a LOT more grey hairs. See? Learning experience. Right now we are also in the process of broadening our reach and getting Jay's songs out to a larger market. Also a learning experience. Well, at least throughout all of this we have definitely kept our sense of humor and now with this format you can expect to see more video teasers, photos and of course stories (just think Friday night recording sessions). So everyone, I am so glad you have joined us and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you! TLB Hour Media.


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